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Lara on Etsy, Jean Seberg, and never wearing black

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Lara on Nerve's style blog

What do you do for a living?
I work in theatre. I do set and costume design. I also have two online stores on

Explain what you’re wearing.
It’s a floral print dress from the 1960s that I got on Etsy. Usually I wear a lot of vintage clothes.

How do you define “vintage”?
It’s wide open nowadays. It used to be pretty specific, like anything before 1970, but now it’s basically anything earlier than 1995. I like to think of it before the '80s. But it’s a personal definition and style trend I think.

Do you have a favorite era?
My favorite is the '60s. The whole of the '60s is really appealing because there’s so much going on. Starting at the very beginning with leftover '50s style and then moving into the hippy era. I like that transition.

What were you thinking when you were getting dressed this morning?
I knew that it was going to be really hot today, so I wanted to wear something breezy; something that lets air in. Also, I really like color. I never wear black – it’s such a dull color. Especially in the summer when it’s all sunny and bright. I was also thinking that I wanted to go out tonight in this dress without having to stop back home first. I wanted to be able to walk around the city during the day but look cute at night also.

Tell me about your purse.
I got this from too.

You're an addict!
I know. I like to do searches for things under $20. But this purse, I wouldn’t say this is vintage. It’s very 90s. The colors don’t really match with the outfit. But that’s why I wore a brown leather belt with this dress, because it’s matching the brown leather on the bag so it brings the whole outfit together. Whether it’s colors or fabric, I like a contrast with my outfits. Like the bag is classical tapestry – red, blue, green, and brown – whereas the dress is more vintage colors – pink and ivory – and style.

Does style matter when you’re checking out a guy?
I don’t want to seem shallow, but definitely. Aesthetics are really important to me especially because I’m a designer. It’s the first thing I notice. Honestly, anyone can be attractive if they’re put together the right way. They don’t have to have the same sort of look as me; I like men to wear a whole range of styles. I would never hit on anyone who had holes in their shirt or pants, or had their underwear sticking out. That’s just not attractive.

Who influences your personal designing?
My designs are sort of vintage inspired, although I like a lot of modern designers as well. I want everything I make to be very wearable. But, if I had to choose, it would be a combination between the French-Norwegian actress Jean Seberg (I love her style. I used to have a pixie haircut like her) and Kate Moss circa 1990.

What’s your favorite memory in this particular outfit?
This is only the second time I've worn it. But I guess today will be. It’s a really beautiful day, and my girlfriend and I have been walking around the city shopping. It’s a perfect dress for that: cute, comfortable, and light.