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Latenight Lovin’ Blues

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I can’t believe it — I go out of town for a few days, and the latenight entertainment world unravels. After a late flight and a long drive last night, I (finally) got home to my computer, only to find that Conan O’Brien is on the outs with NBC. Even worse, it’s all because of Jay Leno and his decidedly unfunny nonfunniness.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m a huge latenight TV fan. But I do have more than a few fond memories of stumbling home on weeknights, flipping on the TV, and enjoying a few laughs with Conan and my date. Truly, the man makes for irresistible pre-bedtime banter; it’s almost like reverse pillow talk.

And sure he’ll get a boatload of money, maybe even a nice hefty vacation hiatus, then likely return to a network that understands nobody wants to jump into bed with the image of Jay Leno in their head. But still. It can’t hurt to show some Conan appreciation:

The "I’m with Coco" shirt is the perfect way to get your views out there. Onto your chest. It might even spark a meaningful debate with that certain someone you’d like sitting next to you when Conan returns.

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