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Laura and Her Awesome Nails

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This is Laura. We stopped to ask her about her rad outfit, but we stayed once she started talking. After a just a few minutes, I wanted to stop everything and use her to create a new lady superhero. The key to the superhero’s secret powers? Those totally insane finger nails. Lots of women get their nails done, but very few get them done like THIS. I kind of feel another girl crush coming on….
Look at those things! Laura got them done at the "Valley Boutique in the Lower East Side," which she swears by. They are chunky and 3-D, multi colored, and sprinkled with no fewer than three Chanel logos. Laura says the nails have become quite a conversation-starter, and she wouldn’t have it any other way, since everyone needs a signature, something to make her stand out. Laura’s nails – and her moxy – are hers.
After just a minute, she had to run; on her way to a concert in the East Village. I couldn”t help asking her if she was going to throw those hands in the air and wave ’em like she just don’t care. She just smiled.