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Laura and Her Renegade Duds

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While out and about in Oakland the other night, we decided to make a stop at Sidebar to taste-test martinis (we’d heard they were unbelievable) and do some requisite weeknight people-watching. Perched at the bar, martinis in hand, we found ourselves next to Laura, who looked perfectly irresistible in a cute striped blazer, t-shirt, and copper earrings. We got to talking about our favorite towns, and it turned out that she’s a Chicago girl who still had some heart left in Oakland.

If you’ve been to Chicago, you’ve probably been to Renegade Handmade, and that’s exactly where Laura found her shirt and earrings. The blazer was a serious find in the junior’s section at Target — lucky are the cute girls who can still fit into clothes made (and priced) for under-twenties!

We got to talking about the culture of fashion in the late twenties/early thirties, and Laura admitted that even though she "loves clothes, she abhors shopping" — luckily, she’s found a pretty good balance between finding items that are fun and sexy but don’t make her feel like a woman in tween’s clothing. I’ve got to say that I completely agree: she was easily one of the hottest-looking ladies in Sidebar.

All that, and the martinis were pretty damned good, too.