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Lester on Comme des Garcons, Suzanne Golden, and military gear

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What do you do in New York?
I’m a freelance fashion stylist. I work for several publications. I do editorial, advertising, that
kind of stuff.

Can you walk us through what you’re wearing?
Right now, I’m wearing loafers, which I tend to wear a lot. Usually when I work, I wear a white shirt. For work, I like a clean palate, and I’m working right now. And jeans. Pretty easy. My glasses are from a designer in Australia called Graz.

What do people’s clothes say about them?
In New York, I think mostly comfort.

What are some trends or designers that you like?
I tend to favor Japanese conceptual design, so I’m very much a fan of Comme des Garçons and Yohji Yamamoto. Anything conceptual usually gets to me.

What are some trends you’re seeing today that you really enjoy?
I would say that the most popular one that’s hitting the mainstream these days is utilitarian and military, which I tend to favor. It’s accessible to a lot of people. You can get it at a surplus store. You can get it at a vintage store. You can get it at Top Shop. You can get it pretty much anywhere, and it’s an easy way to just look cool.

And what are some things that you don’t like or are played out?
I think every trend gets to a point where it starts to play itself a little too much. I think anything overly designed. Anything with too much design detail is always aggressive, to my eye at least.  Anything with a lot of zippers and a lot of buttons, just a lot of design detail is just a trend that’s gone really bad — all those frayed t-shirts and frayed jeans are just obnoxious.

What would you wear if you were going to a bar if you were going to pick somebody up?
Funny, because I usually wear anything; I don’t really plan what I’m going to wear. But I would say if I was trying to hook-up, I would probably wear jeans, a t-shirt, something easy. I have a very distinct look, so I like to make myself at least somewhat approachable, even though I do work in fashion and sometimes tend to have more fun than others with my wardrobe.

What’s something that would be a total dealbreaker for you if a potential partner was wearing it?

That’s really difficult, because I tend to find humor in a lot of things , but I would have to say, a really a cheesy hat would probably just turn me off.

Who is the best dressed person in the world?

I tend to really like Suzanne Golden. Maybe you can link to her. She’s very conceptual. She has a very cool look. I think she’s about sixty five and she really embraces her age and she’s a very eccentric New Yorker as far as women go. As far as best-dressed men, it’s really tough because the best dressed men seem to look really clean and classic to my eye at least. It’s just really tough. I don’t think I know.