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Life’s Too Short for Tantric Sex

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Tantric Sex — it’s like yoga and sex. Once mastered, tantric sex lets you go for hours and hours without blowing it too soon, or at all. Naturally, it’s the goal of any man to do this without things like ManDelay.

Of course, most normal people don’t have time for the 6-hour sessions tantric sex promises, let alone the time it takes to learn and practice tantric sex. After all, we’re not all models that just have ample amounts of time to do drugs, party, and bang!

We just want to have sex, but also try new things that may take us and our partner to new levels. So when I picked up a book on tantric sex, I also bought Life’s Too Short for Tantric Sex: 50 Shortcuts to Sexual Ecstasy. Sex. . . plus shortcuts?! Sign me up!


[$13, Amazon]

The book is laid out simply from kissing and foreplay to sex and kinkier stuff, with special little sections on how to make the most of your location, masturbation on the go, S&M 101 (haven’t quite delved into that yet), etc. Everything is detailed with nice woodcut art.

So instead of reading the tantric sex book that talks about “linghams” and “yogis”, I just thumbed through this and used the tips and positions they suggested, much to my partner’s happiness.