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Lights Out for Love

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You might have heard that out here in SF, we’re being walloped by a string of big storms — and for us weather-wimpy Californians, it’s pretty dang exciting to have thunder, lightning, downpours, and temperatures below, um, fifty-five. And while this kind of weather makes for crappy commuting, it also means extra-cozy, lights-out time at home.

Our power’s been on and off for the past couple of days, and we’re definitey making the most of it. I dug out a box of old tea lights and candle holders, and we basically turned our apartment into a power-outtage-inspired love nest. Who needs electricity when you’ve got mood lighting? The whole experience inspired me to hunt down some cute candle paraphernalia:

[$10, Urban Outfitters]

[$25, Etsy]

[$26, Anthropologie]

After all, you don’t necessarily need crazy weather to make it a hot night indoors.