Love & Sex

Lika, 19

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What is something that instantly turns you on when you see it on a guy?
Combat boots.  I like the uniform that goes along with certain types of music. Combat boots say post-punk, like Joy Division or Buzzcocks.

What’s your style deal-breaker when you see it on a guy?
The bro thing. Like popped collars, sweatpants, plaid shorts. 

What do people tell you is the sexiest thing about you?
My hair. Being a brunette is more mysterious, less obvious.

What celebrity do people tell you you look like?
Sophia Coppola… It’s a flattering comparison. Lost in Translation was cool.

What would you wear out if you wanted to have a one-night stand?
A short skirt, black, with shoes that show your toes.

Are partially revealed feet attractive?
Yeah, feet are a turn-on.

What would complete the ensemble?
Something with bare arms on top. Although this would never happen in real life – I am a very shy person.

What’s one thing you’ve seen in a guy’s apartment that made you want to spend the night or bolt out the door?
Playboy calendars make me want to get out of there as fast as possible. 

The morning after, what’s one thing in a guy’s apartment that would make you go on a second date?
Novels of merit or cool movie posters. Classics like The Odyssey, James Joyce, Dostoevsky.  It shows they’re thoughtful, usually; sometimes it’s just for show.

Have you actually read James Joyce?

What’s one thing you see on other people these days that makes you cringe? 
Ugg boots.  They’re grotesque, they really are.  If you want your foot to look shapeless, that’s cool, but …

What’s the fashion trend you are embracing the most right now?
Flannel.  I like plaid. But not so much the hipster thing.

What’s the difference between hipster and non-hipster flannel?
I wouldn’t pay $60 for flannel from Urban Outfitters or some other store. 

Where’d you get that flannel shirt?
I stole this from my dad; I have, like, four of them.

That’s pretty "ironic."
I guess.