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Live Out Bollywood Fantasies

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What has intrigue, danger, explosions, dance numbers, and romance? No, it’s not a night with your ex. It’s Bollywood films.

And it turns out, more and more people are getting into them. In fact, I meet more non-Indian people that are into them than I do South Asians!

Whether it’s for anthropological reasons or because brownies are the new "it" minority, Bollywood flicks are watched by many.

For all the Bollywood fans out there, capture hearts with these bags:

These eco-friendly bags are made by an NGO which provides education and shelter to poor children. They use old Bollywood movie posters for construction. These bags are made by the older children in efforts to earn an income and help take care of the other street children.

[£10, The India Shop]

 Just try not to overuse the phrase "dishoom." It may get annoying. 

[via Boing Boing]