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Look Hot, Stay Warm

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So when you think of thermals, the first thing that usually comes to mind is your dad walking around the house in them before putting on pants to shovel snow. However, as shown above, long john underwear can be sexy. More importantly, they keep you toasty so you can focus on the finer things in life, like not freezing your buns off, which can be quite distracting when you’re trying to look composed in front of that hottie at the bus stop.

Uniqlo’s new HeatTech long johns will help keep you even warmer this winter. These long johns are made from a special fabric that features heat generation, heat retention, quick dry, odor control, and anti-static.

Plus they come in bright-ass colors so you’ll look pretty awesome when you get to taking those pants off for that lucky someone.


[$16, Uniqlo]