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Looking Fly to Sneaker Freaks

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Sneaker heads are a rare breed, but in their community they could be pretty homogeneous (same Evisu jeans, Bape hoodie, Nike Air Forces, etc.).

And of course when one sneaker head sees a lady sneaker head, they’ve just got to get on that! . . . Even though these girls probably get hit on all the time by every other sneaker head.

But you could show your prowess above the rest of the pack. Because not only do you have the Nike Air Yeezy, but you also have these limited edition headphones from Sneaker Freaker and AIAIAI.


In a collaboration with Denmark-based headphone company AIAIAI, Sneaker Freaker — the premiere name in sneaker news — released these headphones which “add a veneer of sneaker smarts to the aesthetic equation.” For those averse to earbuds, these come with different sized tips for a perfect fit.

When you walk through those subway doors looking extra dope, that fly honey will definitely take notice.

[$60, Sneaker Freaker]