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Hair is one of the most important assets of attraction. A good haircut could make you look like a million bucks, where as everyone will remember that bad haircut you had (like the highlighted mushroom haircut I had in 7th grade, oof).

The short and messy is cool if you just woke up in the morning. The faux-hawk has become the bro-hawk and thus lame. The hairstyle that’s getting all the looks these days is old Hollywood — neat, slick, and serious. Popularized by Cary Grant, the style is best characterized now by Don Draper from “Mad Men”.


Now, it’s not just as easy as growing out your hair a little bit and then slicking it back. There is a meticulous method that goes into achieving this style.

  1. Get a good haircut. Go to a competent barber or a hip salon that’s up on the trends. You can get away with an even haircut for this style, but — since the side part is so extreme — you’ll want an asymmetrical haircut for maximum effectiveness. Also, get the sides pretty closely tapered to your head.
  2. Wavy hair works for this style, but try to blow dry all the cowlicks and curls straight. Remember: you want to be Don Draper, not Clark Kent.
  3. Work your hair product of your choice into your hair. If you want total authenticity, go for Brylcreem, the standard when it came to men’s hair product in the 50s. 


[$6, Amazon

And if you want something more modern, Valet recommends American Crew’s Pomade for just the right amount of shine without the crunch of regular hair gel.


[$16, Drugstore]

4.  With a comb (yes, you heard me), slick the hair back, making sure the sides are really tight against the head. Then part from the side, lifting as you part. Then slick the sides back again and you’re good to go!

Go get ’em, you lady killer, you.


[via Valet.]