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What does it take to throw a good Lost party? From firsthand experience last night, I’d say three things: a big TV, lots of booze, and a simple drinking game that consists of taking a sip whenever someone 1) trips and falls, 2) dies and then isn’t dead, or 3) turns on the bedroom eyes while covered in blood. And while I do love me some Lost (fyi, when it comes to Who’d You Rather, I’m definitely a Sawyer-Juliet-Jin-Smoke Monster girl), I’ve got to wonder sometimes how everyone on the show so freakin’ hot.

I’d wager that the Lost cast manages an incredible level of hotness that’s very show-specific. For example, Juliet on Lost is way hotter than the same actress in V, just as Penelope is way hotter than her doctorly counterpart in Flashforward. In the same vein, Charlie is way hotter than, um, a hobbit. The answer? There’s just something irresistible about surviving the rough and tumble world of the jungle.

Fortunately, we live in our very own urban jungles, where we can prove our hotness with keen urban survival sense:

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Or, just rewatch the entirety of Lost and use your knowledge to impress the pants off that girl sitting next to you at next week’s party:

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