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Love Is Blinds

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In my apartment, pulling down the shades usually means there’s hanky panky about to be had. Though the routine started out of necessity (close neighbors on one side and an overpass on the other), now I can’t help but feel a little turned on every time I see blinds being pulled… and we’re talking any shades, be they in a sun-drenched cafe or a boutique at closing time. Christ, even the sound of blinds going down is enough to get me panting a little bit.

Considering the effectiveness of this sexual conditioning, it struck me that if the act of shade-pulling could be subtly enhanced, it’d be a fantastic way to get the juices flowing without, you know, straight up asking if the moment is right (a move that usually means it’s not). Thus, the art of the printed shade:




These shades all feature customizable printed images on their roll-down sides, and I’ve got to say that they add a modish flair where it’s least expected. Whether you use a stock image (available at either of the sites below) or unique art for your blinds, they’re bound to impress while artfully suggesting that privacy is indeed something to enjoy on many levels.

[£179 – £332, 55Max]

[£95 and up, Artylicious]