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LQ, Brett, and Their Space Age Attire

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I spotted LQ and Brett as they were enjoying a weekday brunch at Cafe Orlin in New York’s East Village. Dressed in matching robin egg blue outfits, they reminded me of the brightly hued cartoon characters on the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine album cover. Such flashing fashionistas, I reasoned, wouldn’t mind me interrupting their meal to talk about their psychedelic threads.

Luckily, LQ was as sunny as she looked. A 27-year-old artist and jewelry designer by trade, she lives in Bushwick with Brett, where she does clairvoyant readings from her home. But it wasn’t a stroke of telepathy that led her to put on her blue “Marilyn Monroe dress,” as she called it. “We dress to match,” she said, noting that she used to wear all black until she met Brett, a 35-year-old film director, at a séance in Manhattan. “I was in a hole. Meeting Brett brought the color back.” 

The duo even shop at the same stores. LQ bought the dress and the lime green Odds ‘n Ends brand short jacket at thrift shops on Knickerbocker St. in Bushwick. Brett scored his embroidered blue top while perusing the same vintage strip. His plaid pants—which LQ patched with blue and red fabric—are from Trash & Vaudeville in the East Village. And his prayer beads were given to him by Amma, a humanitarian from India who travels the world giving hugs. Brett also decorated his tie with a picture of a UFO beaming down love to humanity. “It symbolizes that aliens are friendly and that we’re about to go on a magical journey,” he said. I almost raised an eyebrow at that, but then thought better of it. If outer space has fly folks like LQ and Brett, then by all means, beam me up.