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Lucien on Japanese Denim, Excessive Accessorizing, and Girls in Tight Clothes

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What are you wearing?
This is an all Japan outfit, because I’m kind of obsessed with Japanese everything. People in Japan don’t just make mass product, they really take the care to match the thread. I mean, when you buy a garment in Japan, it’s supposed to last a lifetime – whereas here, it’s kind of dispoable. I’ve been to Japan a few times on shopping trips. It’s a bit of a commitment financially, but, I think it’s worth it.

How would you compare fashion there to here in America?
In Japan, they take a lot more chances. Like, guys will show up with feather boas, sparkly nails, and they’re still guys, still straight guys. The whole androgynous thing over there is massive. You’ll see guys in leggings and they’re not looked at as scamps or anything. If they think it looks good, they’ll wear it. 

What’s a style turn-off?
There are things that American men do to screw up an outfit. Terrible shoes. The length of the clothes they wear is too long.  As for girls, I’m actively against the “boyfriend jean." Any kind of a headband – you don’t need a headband! Anything sparkly. And if you have a sparkly headband, then I’m just not going to allow it. Excessive accessorizing, like a whole forearms worth of bangles. I’m a less is more kind of guy.

What’s something you see on other people that makes them sexy?
Well, for girls – something tight. Something that showcases their curves. 

What celebrity do people say you look like?
In Europe they have no clue at all, because I’ve gotten Andre 3000, – which to this day boggles my mind. I’ve gotten Lenny Kravitz in Berlin. Those girls were convinced, and I’m like a foot taller than he is! I also get John Legend. And again, ladies, I’m twice his height!