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Ask any word nerd where they get their literary fix, and they’re bound to mention McSweeney’s. Whether they’re nose-deep in The Quarterly Concern, glued to The Believer, or watching Wholphin DVDs on repeat, McSweeney’s has just about everything that a literati could desire. Which is why — if you’re in the market for a hot date with a word nerd — you need this:


The McSweeney’s iPhone app includes once-a-week treats from the array of McSweeney’s publications. Each week brings a whole host of brand new bookish tidbits, from Quarterly stories and Internet Tendency humor to Believer interviews and Wholphin short films. Whatever you get, it’s guaranteed to be unavailable anywhere online. In other words, you’ll be sure to have at least a few conversation starters for the word nerd of your wildest dreams.

And yes, I am completely jealous of your iPhone.

[$6, McSweeney’s]