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I just can’t stop finding new uses for my Slanket!

For example, just last weekend, I attended an outdoor wedding in Michigan, where the weather turned unseasonably cold. It was at this point that I realized that my Slanket — brought along for the 10-hour car ride from NJ to MI — was the perfect piece of formal outerwear.

Then, this morning, I found out that Slankets, Snuggies, and the like are the perfect blankets for sex with full coverage!


The site that hosts this delightful picture is called SnuggieSutra, and there’s more where that came from.┬áSite creators describe SnuggieSutra as “an illustrated guide to sexual positions that are both erotic and warm.”

The FAQ page cautions against using the Slanket, but I’ve always felt that the Snuggie was the poor substitute in the blankets-with-sleeves war. Do yourself a favor. Buy the Slanket instead.

And then have hot, sweaty, slippery sex all night long.

[Via Jezebel]