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Make Love Like an A-Lister

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While I’m not a celebrity hound, I admit that I’ve got an occasional curiosity about the sex lives of celebrities. And if you don’t read Parade (um, does anyone read Parade?), then you might have missed the interview with Brad Pitt, where he nonchalantly mentions the waterfall-hidden love grotto on his property. It’s no wonder the man always looks like he’s just had a raucous night of hanky panky. I mean, wouldn’t we all have more sex if there was a love grotto in the equation?

The good news is if you’ve got any amount of outdoor space, you can create a little love grotto of your very own. Simply get yourself a privacy screen:


[$395, Home Infatuation]

Throw in an outdoor loveseat for two (the holes make for good creative positioning, especially on cramped balconies):


[Price upon request, Usona Home]

And when it comes to mood lighting, go for something that won’t present a fire hazard while you’re distracted by the fruits of your grotto-building labor:


[$11 set of 6, CB2]

When I’m done nailing up my privacy screen, I might even track down a waterfall soundtrack for my iPod.