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Mandy on cut-off shorts, Uggs, and hipster missed connections

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What are you wearing?
My dress is from New York & Company, and the rest is from Target. The sandals are Kinos, from Key West.

Aren’t you sweltering hot, temperature-wise?
A little bit, yeah. I just haven’t done laundry for a while and I’m running out of clothes.

How would you describe your style then, haphazard?
Incoherent. It changes from day to day; it’s not cohesive.

What kind of style do you find attractive on a guy?
Something unique that looks good.  Not that I woud ever dress like this, but I saw this guy the other day with a neon pink shirt, purple skinny jeans, and yellow sneakers. It sounds pretty hipster, but he was forty.

Sounds like a missed connection.
Yeah, I was just like, that’s cool, to myself.

What’s your biggest turnoff?
Someone who looks like he’s trying to be a hipster. That look is trying way too hard and it’s not that unique.  It doesn’t say anything about him, except that he’s fake.

So what would you wear if you wanted to turn somebody on? 
A black dress like Audrey Hepburn would wear; it’s a good outfit.

As someone who obviously doesn’t partake in summer fashion,what’s the trend you hate most right now?
Much too short cut-off jeans with pockets hanging out.  Also, I hate mini-skirts with Ugg boots, but I’ve seen more of that in past years. It seems to be fading now.