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Marion on online shopping, her sexiest shoes, and why she prefers naked sex

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marion on nerve street style fashion blog  
What's your name and what do you do?
I'm Marion and I'm a performance poet.

Skinny pants: over or awesome?
Always awesome. Are you kidding me?  

What are some articles of clothing that you consider essential?
I have pretty short hair so earrings are always a key part of the get-up. Shoes also have the redeeming ability to make an okay outfit into a great one. I have an amazing pair of funky silver earrings I got for three bucks at a thrift store in Philadelphia that stay in my ears always. I also have these fuck-me booties that still have drool on them from the last time I wore them. They’re from Steve Madden. I also love my bright pink lipstick from Mac.  

If you're sizing up a guy, what are some outfit details that you really like? 
I like something around a guys neck; a tie, bowtie, scarf, ascot, whatever (anything but a chain). I also really dig when a guy has tattoos.  A man with a vest is an instant panty-soaker for me. I also adore when men wear cardigans.  

What are some things that are absolute dealbreakers? 
A cruddy pair of sneakers always makes me cringe and unkempt facial scruff is also a turn off — I’m just not feeling the homeless look. His clothes should fit. Not much else is a dealbreaker unless a guy is wearing something too ambitious for his swag. As long as they stay true to themselves and back up their clothing decisions with confidence, I dig it.

If you were going out, trying to get laid, what would you wear?
My Steve Madden fuck-me booties and something see-through. Maybe a cute lace top, I have one from American Apparel, with a black bra underneath or a tight, backless dress.  

Best clothing items to keep on while having sex?
I got to pass on this. I’m a fan of butt-nakedness.   

Why do you think men or women are attracted to you?
I absolutely think both men and women are attracted to me, also small children and house pets. I think I have a pretty face and a quirky style and sense of humor. I can hang with the boys but I still have soft skin and sex appeal.  

If you were to go home with a guy, what's something that, if you saw it in his apartment, would make you turn around and leave?
Not much is coming between me and my sex drive, but I’d have to say rodents, parents, or children would have me walking out the door.  

Does your style change when you’re on stage? If so, how?
Absolutely. Lipstick on stage is necessary. My make-up is a more dramatic, my style gets a little funkier and sexier and untamed. I wear bright colors to stand out and heels for confidence. When 300 people are staring at you for five minutes, you tend to get a little more glam than usual.