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Marissa and Her Vintage Stripes

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This past Saturday night found me drinking beer with friends at Merchant’s Saloon — an amazing spot with a blacklight nook, chalk grafitti, and a heavy metal soundtrack, which also happens to be one of Oakland’s oldest drinking establishments. It’s near the cranes that inspired Star Wars’ AT-ATs and tucked in the middle of a row of produce distributors that open for business right before last call. In other words, it was a sailor-themed kind of an evening.

So it seemed especially apropos when I ran into Marissa, a friendly fellow Oaklander who looked fantastic in Calvin Klein jeans and sailor-inspired stripes. Not only was the shirt irresistibly cute, it prompted a pretty amazing story about its origin: Marissa found the shirt at Slash, a little East Bay shop that specializes in designer denim and vintage garments. The inventory is utterly affordable, and much of it is refurbished dead stock from the 1960s — entirely vintage, and truly original.

Based on her perfectly modish ensemble, I’d say that Marissa is absolutely right: "Stripes never go out of style."