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Marla on Blazers, Androgyny, and the Dangers of Over-Accessorizing

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What do you do?
I’m a music editor for Joonbug.

As a person working in the music industry, do you find you need to be particularly stylish?
I would say that it’s really important to express your personality through the clothes you choose to wear regardless of your job. No matter what you’re doing, your wardrobe always reveals certain aspects of yourself, whether you think it does or not.
Does sexiness always require an effort?
Oh no, not at all. Quite the opposite actually – real sexiness doesn’t take much thought at all. Being naturally sexy isn’t something you should try to work towards. Trying is almost always trying too hard. You should just feel comfortable with what you have on. Wear what you like, what fits your body type, and don’t try to mimic anyone else. That way, you can be confident, and confidence is essential to sex appeal.

What’s an example of an outfit that’s "trying too hard"?
Hmm, probably something that’s really low cut. A lot of times it just looks tacky. I really hate it when girls exaggerate their cleavage at the cost of dignity. As far as guys trying too hard, I think over-accessorizing is the real danger. There was this guy who came up to me at a party not too long ago and he was wearing a hat and a vest and a bunch of necklaces, one of which was a pair of dog tags with his name on them. He wasn’t in the military. 

Do people ever tell you that you look like a certain celebrity?
People tell me I look like a lot of things. Someone once told me I reminded them of this Pokemon named Grimer. I looked it up when I got home and made his picture my Facebook default for two months. Sometimes you just gotta laugh at yourself.

So, hypothetically speaking, you walk into a bar and immediately start ogling this dude. What is he wearing?
Well this doesn’t happen so often, but I guess he would be wearing something that’s really eye-catching. It’s definitely got to be a signature piece – anything colorful or really fun, maybe a cool sweatshirt.  It has to be worn effortlessly though, obviously.

Is there an article of clothing that you so closely associate with an ex that you just can’t stand anyone wearing it at all?
Really low v-neck t-shirts on guys. I hate them. They just scream douchebag.

Do you think any ex feels that way about something you wear often? If so, what might that be?
It’s possible. I’m difficult to disassociate from my bangs, so that would most likely be what reminds him of me. Also, blazers. I’m into a lot of vintage feel accented by one well-tailored piece, so I usually wear a blazer over whatever I’m wearing.

What’s a fashion trend you love right now?
There’s this baggy thing going on now for girls which I think is pretty interesting. It’s a little androgynous, which I like. Boys and girls sharing clothes, and even men’s clothes borrowing from womenswear, are all cool with me.

Predict as best you can what will be really sexy to wear in 2015.
In five years I see no one in clothes at all. Everyone is just wearing rhinestones.