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Martinis, Mandolins, and Red Leather

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This past weekend, the forces of nightlife aligned to produce an absolutely perfect Saturday night. The ingredients were there from the start: a group of us had tickets to see the Magnetic Fields at The Fox (Oakland’s newly refurbished — and astonishingly beautiful — art deco venue), I had found a hot pair of boots on sale at Pretty Penny earlier in the day, and we had plans to visit The Fox’s deco-style bar before the show.

From its spiraling iron staircase, inlaid columns, and plush rugs to its red leather chaise lounges, incredibly dapper bartenders, and vintage paraphernalia (check out the old fuse box from The Fox of the last century above), The Den is a place that makes you feel sexier while you drink. Pair that up with fun folks, tasty martinis, and the excitement of seeing Stephin Merritt and his crew, and you’ve got a pretty fabulous kick-start to the evening:


The show was — of course — fantastic, and after soaking up the Magnetic Fields for two hours in The Fox’s sophisticated environs, we were all in agreement: it was time to balance our cultural evening of "library rock" with some cheap beer and fried food. After a fond farewell to The Fox, we regrouped at Rudy’s (an East Bay punk rock diner that’s best known for its unmatched french fries and famous owners), where the Olympia is always $1 after 9pm.

A few hours and several rounds of Olympia later, we staggered home with a Saturday night lesson well-learned: good friends, a good show, fancy clothes, and cheap beer make for a pretty perfect night out.