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Maureen on Gabrielle Union, preppy-chic, and rebelling against business casual

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Maureen for Nerve's style blog

How long have you been in the city?
I just work in the city. I’m an intern at an accounting company.

This dress is really fabulous. What were you thinking when you got dressed this morning?
I was looking for a little spin on business-casual dress style, because I usually feel like it’s pretty bland, pretty black and white. We actually had an event today, and I was like, “Well everyone’s gonna have on a black and white or blue dress” which are typically your business colors that you can get away with. But I was like, “This is more of a party-type event, so I’ll throw a lot of color in there.”

Yeah, it looks kind of '60s and retro. Do you usually wear vintage?
It is retro! I wear vintage every once and a while. I actually didn’t buy this for the event; I bought it just to go out. Every once and a while I try to buy different pieces that I just think are cool.

You mentioned that your "real" shoes are inside?
Yeah, I was wearing black shoes. So black person, black shoes.

But these flip-flops are pretty cute.
Well, thank you. They're more of the get in the subway, get out, kind of shoes.

What would you wear if you wanted to go out and pick someone up?
I’m really into nice halter-tops and blouses; also a nice pair of capris, especially in this heat. I don’t do pants. And I think tights are equally bad to do in the heat. People think it’s fashionable; I think it’s the worst idea ever. So, I’d probably do a skirt and a top, or shorts and a top. I'd Probably stay away from jean shorts.

When you’re thinking about style, is there a type of guy that you’re really attracted to? Does his style matter?
I don’t think it really matters. He has to be decently put together, but I’m not over the top about him looking a certain way. I'd probably be into a guy wearing jeans. I’m not really a fan of over-the-top sneakers, so either all black, all white shoes of some type, and a button down. Or a sweater. I have a thing for sweaters.

So do you like sort of preppy, casual guys?
Yeah, definitely. My boyfriend is preppy casual, so I think that’s where that developed. He pulls it off well.

Who's your style icon?
I think Megan Fox has pretty good style. It’s all over the place. Gabrielle Union pulls off a lot of things really well, so I definitely admire her. I think that’s it. I don’t really focus on a lot of different styles. I feel like if I find pieces that work together pretty well, I usually go for that. I not like, “Oh this person has this outfit. Let’s go buy the same thing.” That doesn’t work for me at all.

So it's all about personal style?