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Melanie and Her Jedi Dress

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What’s your style secret? That dress makes you look like the world’s hottest Jedi.
I get a lot of Star Wars comments! Recently my friends and I have been doing this thing where we’ll go to someone’s house, try on everthing she owns, and let her say ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Last time we did it I ended up getting rid of like half my wardrobe. I got rid of all these ill-fitting tshirts I’d wear to the gym. Now I look really cute when I go to the gym!

That’s a great idea!
Ever since I did the cleanse of the closet, I feel so good about everything I own. I never go out feeling like I don’t look good, which is awesome.

Do you have any style dealbreakers on guys?
Undershirts are a must. If a man’s not wearing an undershirt, I’m out. It disgusts me to see a man’s chest down to here. I just can’t deal with it. It makes me think all their shirts must smell bad. Also, fat guys in skinny jeans.

What do people tell you is the sexiest thing about you?
My hair! Theres so much of it! Or curves. But mostly my hair.

What celebrity do people tell you you look like?

Really? Just because of the curls?           
Yep. Felicity, Minnie Driver. Also, Kristen Dunst.

If you were determined to have a one-night stand, what would you wear?           
This! Id wear something I feel beautiful in, with really good underpants. And a wax. I’m not all about waxes always, but if a one-night stand was my goal, I think I’d do it – eyebrows and Brazilian.