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Michelle on Erin Wasson, bodysuits, and Australian pop-up stores

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Michelle for Nerve's style blog
I like your outfit; where did you get it?
This is a Erin Wasson by Rvca dress. I got it about a year ago. I live in California, so I got it in Orange County at a boutique. My boots are from All Saints.

And your bag?
This is an old Barney's bag that I've had for three years. I just keep using it over and over.

What do you think someone's style says about them?
I think that anybody who is creative can express that through fashion, show how they're feeling. I always dress for whatever mood I'm in. It's kind of hot and muggy here, so I wanted to dress in something cool and light. And comfortable, especially my shoes, since I'm going to shop the whole city.

What do you wear on a night out?
I usually dress up a bit more in dresses and skirts. Lately, I've been into skirts with body suits underneath.

What are some trends that you like right now?
Crochet, lace, mesh, anything light and airy for summer, and open knits.

What about for guys?
I think it's still slim denim for guys. Maybe a little more of Americana preppy is coming back.

Where do you like to shop in New York?
I usually like to shop the boutiques here to get an idea of what's going on because they feel European influenced. Top Shop is obviously a good one, because we don't have them in California. But I feel like everything is kind of on sale right now. Pus, it's already transitioned to early back-to-school sales, so I haven't been finding much stuff.

Where are you going after this?
I'm going to go to some of the boutiques on Greene Street. I want to check out the Zimmerman pop-up store from Australia before it's gone. It has all this resort- and swimwear I'm excited about.