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Mix It Up Between the Sheets

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Bringing an entirely new meaning to the song “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life” (though if you aren’t familiar with Indeep, I’d gently suggest you keep it that way), this turntable bedding from Diesel brings all the excitement of DJing right into your bedroom.

To be honest, it sort of reminds me of the time that my boyfriend and I made out on top of a mixtape he’d just made me and ended up tangled in plastic shards and unspooled tape. True high school story. But personal experience aside, I’m pretty sure that if I saw this bedding in my date’s apartment, I’d definitely give him a chance to, um, spin my records.

No word on cost, but can you really put a price on endless hours of DJ-inspired pleasure?

[Available at Diesel stores]

[via The Awesomer]