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Morgan and Marney on Suspenders, Skinny Ties, and Big Sweaters

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What celebrity do people tell you you look like?
Morgan: No one! When it was doppleganger week I couldn’t find anyone!

What’s one thing that somebody might wear that’s an instant turn-on for you?

Morgan: Boys in skinny ties.
Marney: Suspenders.

Is there something you see on other people that makes you cringe?
Morgan: I’m not a fan of Ugg boots. I just, I’m sorry, I won’t be your friend.
Marney: When people wear like sports shoes-running shoes with regular clothes.

Right now, is there a fashion trend that you’re particularly into?
Morgan: I’m a fan of all things high-waisted.

Like mom jeans?

Morgan: Yeah

Are mom jeans OK on guys?

Morgan: Absolutely not.

What about you? Any fashion trends you’re diggin?

Marney: Pretty much the same. I’m a big sweater person.