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Moshe Kasher on vintage ties, Target, and the art of not looking too slutty

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Moshe Kasher for Tools of Attraction
What's your name and what do you do?

My name is Moshe Kasher, and I am a comedian. I tour the world and sling jokes.

What are you wearing?
I don't really fuck with labels anymore. When I was younger, I loved little hip-hop labels: Mishka, The Hundreds, Franco Shade, Alife — that type of shit. Now, I have now begun "Getting my grown man on." I like skinny jeans, like Levis or Kill City; simple plimsoles, Vans, Keds, or Pointers; a dress shirt; and a tie. Maybe a cardigan or a little jacket. I like to look bookish/gayish.

What are some articles of clothing that you consider essential? What are your favorite things that you own?
I guess my tie collection, since it's part of my "look" that I perform in. I buy vintage ties wherever I can find them. I also find your mama's panties difficult to part with.

If you're sizing up a girl, what are some outfit details that you really like? What do you find sexy or endearing?
Nothing specific, but I care a lot about a girl who knows how to dress. Fashion isn't just shallow (though it is that, too); it's a way of showing the world that you give a fuck about how you present yourself. A girl who can make me want to fuck her without looking slutty is an artist. I also have a soft spot for hip-hop, hipster hippies. It's the Oakland in me.

What are some things that are absolute dealbreakers?
A dick. Big-time dealbreaker. I can't feel buffoon hipsters, like, you are so hip you have made yourself an ugly clown. I'm like, "Go back to Romulus with your angular haircut and androgynous communist onesie." If you look like you closed your eyes and ran into Target selecting clothing by texture, I'm like, "Next!" Weed leaves printed on clothing reads to me like, "Go back to high school, Dr Dre."

If you were going out to get laid, what would you wear? Something classy? Something really fashion-forward?
My face. What kind of question is that? I would never put on an outfit specifically to get laid, because I have found that women do not fuck my clothing.

What do you think makes women attracted to you?
God I wish they were. Big time joke there, they totally are. I'm funny for a living — isn't that supposed to be a turn-on for women? A sense of humor? Also I know who I am, so I'm not bumbling around trying uncomfortably to get in her pants. I dress myself well and most importantly, I've been on television.

If you were to go home with a girl, what's something that, if you saw it in her apartment, would make you turn around and leave?
A full-sized human Nazi sharpening a sword. Other than that, once I'm in, I'm in.