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My Underwear Will Save the World

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Know why this chick is so happy?

It’s probably because she’s being paid to do cartwheels at the edge of the ocean, but I think it might also be because her underwear choice has the power to save the world.

PACT Organic is an organic undies company that allows you to shop based upon the cause you’d like to support. Tree-hugging hippies? The pair of you can buy the undies that go to support ForestEthics, a nonprofit environmental organization:


[$18-$24, PACT Organic]

Book nerds? There’s the undies that go to support 826 National, a¬†nonprofit tutoring, writing, and publishing organization:


[$18-$24, PACT Organic]

Beach bums? Then get the Oceana undies. Oceana is an organization focused on ocean conservation:


[$18-$24, PACT Organic]

10% of all profits go to these particular charities. Wearing cute, matching underwear? A little creepy. Wearing it so that, as a couple, you can save the world? Um…hot?