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Naim on custom suits, Converse sneakers, and how most men could dress better

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Naim on Nerve's style blog tools of attraction
Hi, what's your name? 
I'm Naim. 

What are you wearing? 
My friend designed the suit just for me. This sweater is Ralph Lauren. I've got gloves, a hat, and Converse sneakers — because I have to move fast today.

Do you always look so put together?
Always! Every day is a special day for me.

What makes someone stylish?
Being comfortable — that's what makes someone look and feel good. Also, putting time and thought into getting dressed and choosing accessories, like scarves and bags. I have a couple bags — I'm like a woman when it comes to them. My wife and I fight for space in the closet.

How does a person dress to be sexy? 
For men, the shirt and shoes are number one. You don't look good without those, even if the pants are great. I've worked in men's fashion in Paris, Milan, and New York, and I'm really better with men. With women, I like easy simple clothes, but it's complicated. They're never satisfied. When I've tried to dress women, there's always drama. Women dress for other women. 

Should women dress for men? 
If they could, but they can't. Women need attention from other women to feel attractive.

What can any man do right now to look sexier? 
He has to wear clothes that fit. Some men aren't comfortable, because they can't walk in what they're wearing. No baggy pants, or if they're wearing them, they need to wear them with something form-fitting. Men should dress to show personality. I play with a lot of color, but most men are afraid they'll look gay. It's not gay — it's different.