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Nakenge on orange Crocs and his favorite place to buy scarves in Seattle

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Nkenge for Tools of Attraction

Tell me about your shoes.
Right now, I'm wearing my happy shoes.

Your happy shoes?
Yes, orange Crocs.

Why do the make you happy?
For one, the color's somewhat stimulating; it has a flow to it. And it makes me happy. That's what I can say about that.

And your scarf?
The scarf was a gift. So not only does it have style significance, it's a reminder of the person who gave it to me in Seattle. Her name's Julie, and she works at this place called Christina. She has an amazing selection of scarves, and she found this one for me when I first went to France to do wine making a year ago, last harvest.

Did you wear it while you were making wine?
Yes. Not only that, it kept me warm on trains. It kept me stylish, and now here in New York it's calling you over to have a little conversation about why I think fashion can be fashionable.  

What would you wear if you were trying to attract someone?
I think it starts with how I feel. So, if I'm in a happy mood I might wear happy shoes to ask someone to go on a long walk somewhere. Or, maybe if I'm a little more introspective and looking for someone with a sense of style that's a little more complex, maybe a little more mysterious. I might wear a scarf like this, and hopefully earn their attention, earn the opportunity to speak with them about why I'm happy.

Is there any style that's dealbreaker?
I hate smoking. For me, it's a style because I think it's romanticized. But I think it's very unattractive.