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Naughty or Vice

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The holidays are an excellent time to satiate your favorite vices. Not only will the indulgence help keep you sane, it just might attract a partner in crime.

My dirty little weakness? Chocolate. Specifically fancy dark chocolate squares salted and topped with raspberries, from my absolute favorite chocolate maker:

Holy god these little truffles are amazing. They’re called "Rasgasm" (trust me, the connotation is extremely apropos), and they’re just one of the many delicious indulgences that Vice Chocolate offers. And while these little bundles of ecstasy aren’t readily available online, you can find them all over SF, or you can contact the Vice folks directly.

Whether you nibble one before a hot date or give a few as a sumptuous gift, this is a vice you definitely don’t want to underestimate.

[Vice Chocolate]