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Navigate through a Date

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It’s the little things that really count on a date. Sometimes it just doesn’t cut it if you take her somewhere nice, buy her a “ka-bab”, tell her she’s beautiful, etc. Sometimes, what matters is that you’re not a total potzer and can navigate from point A to point B, ideally without looking like a tourist. Thankfully you have your inconspicuous NYC Metro Cuff.


If you’re into bracelets and cuffs as a fashion choice, this can be a handy lil’ tool of attraction. With a quick glance, figure out how to get from the Inwood Canoe Club all the way uptown to the cool Belgian beer bar in Greenwich Village. Remember: there’s nothing sexier than a guy that knows directions.

That being said, I wasn’t even able to find my way to this one bar with the GPS on my iPhone. Oy. . .

[$25, design hype]

[via Gizmodo]