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Nicholas on Zara, Bracelets, and Boys in Tights

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Where did you get your outfit, all the jewelry?
All of the jewelery is from street vendors, except for the wrist cuffs on the right, which are Marc Jacobs. The colorful bracelets are from a Philly bar called Woody’s that gives out a different color each night. Top man shoes. H&m pants, H&M undershirt, Zara shirt on top.

What ‘s a fashion trend that you’re really into these days?
Skinny jeans. I always like skinny jeans and Chelsea boots. I  like lots of jewelery, obviously, and flannel. And then, a lot of the usual boring stuff. Although I also like tights. I see boys wearing tights under shorts sometimes. And gladiator sandals. And bandanas.

How about on the flip side, especially in a potential date?
Sweat pants, gym shorts, and sneakers.

What celebrity do people tell you look like?
The kid from Glee and the blond kid from Queer as Folk. I used to try to capitalize on it and act like I was those people, but I’m not. And it’s hard to pretend to be someone you’re not, especially when you don’t know their name. I couldn’t really just say, "I’m that kid from Glee"

What would you wear if you’re going out, trying to pick someone up?
Probably this, actually.

If you’d had a one night stand, what’s something that might make you stick around for breakfast?
The apartment has to look nice. If it was nicely decorated, I would stay. If they were messy, that would make me leave. I also hate people who have hippie stuff. I don’t know how to describe it. If they’re dirty, I’m out. Once. I had an experience…
Can you tell us about it?

I just don’t like incense and Rastafarian stuff. I don’t like that. That’s all I’m gonna say.