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Nick on Leather Pants, Faded Denim Shirts, and a Memorable One-Night Stand

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What celebrity do people say you look like?
Hayden Christensen from Star Wars II.

I think you look like James Franco.
I’ve gotten that one too. It’s funny. My girlfriend is an actor and she has worked with him on a few films. I like to pretend I’m jealous of him.

What would you wear if you were gaming for a one night stand?
I would wear gray jeans and a button-up jeans shirt, a blazer, and Oxford shoes.

That’s quite specific.
I think I look the most relaxed and sexy in it.

What’s one thing you’re seeing on people these days that makes you cringe?
Leather pants on hipster guys. But then again, I could see myself trying to rock that.

How about a trend you’re currently embracing?
Denim shirts in a light, washed-out color. I try to look like Paul Newman when I wear mine. But it’s kind of a ’90s-ified Paul Newman.