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On Pens and Needles

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Needles and Pens is one of my favorite SF spots: it’s a little shop just off of Mission that carries everything from independent literary journals and eclectic letter-writing paraphernalia to handmade t-shirts and adorable miscellany from local artists. To top it all off, the space doubles as an art gallery, complete with bi-monthly parties that celebrate all things art and music.

So when I was browsing the Apartment Therapy blog (cheap, stylish home decor ideas = Apartment Therapy bookmarked in my browser), I was delighted to see a shout-out to Needles and Pens. Even better, when I clicked on the N&P site, I discovered that their online store is up and running. Yep, non SFers, this means that a little piece of N&P can be yours, no matter where you live.

Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift for your word-nerd sweetie (alphabet pins and screenprinted cards), a piece of jewelry that’ll make an impression without breaking the bank (mini handcuffs on a chain from Erica Weiner), or some stylish goodies for yourself (indie books and music and local designers’ clothes), the Needles and Pens online shop has pretty much everything you’d ever want.

[Needles and Pens]

[via Apartment Therapy]