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No offense to the flabby (I sport my very own muffin top), but there’s just something about someone who works out…

…the toned and defined muscles…the healthy glow…the ripe scent of pheromones and the boundless energy…

Do yourself a favor and join your local gym. Or better yet, join about 150 of them.

The American Health and Fitness Alliance has been offering yoga, pilates, and fitness PassBooks for a few years now, for only $75 a pop. Each book (available for New York, Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles at the moment) contains about 600 passes to around 150 gyms around the city. Each pass is good for at least two free visits to the gym mentioned, and some are even good for a full month!

Aside from the chick- and dude-magnet benefits mentioned above, you may even get the chance to learn some super-sexy skills, what with all the pole dancing, striptease, belly dancing, and yoga classes available nowadays.