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One Hot, Literary Ticket

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This past weekend, I went to a literary journal’s reading at a tiny little bookstore on Oakland’s main drag. The event was incredible — the people were cute and smart, the literature was equally savvy, and the booze was flowing freely.

It was a much-needed reminder that word nerds are some of my favorite people, and I could truly spend night after night chatting and drinking up my very own literati. And what with the year dwindling away, it also reminded me of the Best American reading series — an annual compilation of all things awesomely lit, available in a gazillion categories (think fiction, short stories, comics, nonfiction, poetry, etc).

What better time to get your read on and be ready for those literary hotties?

So track down some Best American, and even better — use Indiebound to find a local bookstore that carries ’em.