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One Sweet Gesture: Making Breakfast

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[photo via Culture Cuts]

Making breakfast in the morning for your overnight guest is a surefire way to cement yourself in their mind. Whether it’s a bowl of cereal or a bagel, it’s appreciated. If he/she is special, you’ll step it up and make some eggs, say a scrambled egg or an omelette.When you REALLY want to show him/her your A-game, you bust out the eggs benedict.

To make eggs benedict you need to poach the egg, which can be a total pain in the ass. These Poachpods will ease the process:

Break the egg into the pod, poach it, and serve on an English muffin. If you make this while he/she is still in bed they won’t know that you cheated and will be even more impressed.

[$10, Heliotrope]

[via Rare Bird Finds]