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One Sweet Gesture: The Mix Tape

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The mix tape: one of the most thoughtful gifts you can make for a person. It doesn’t cost much, it’s super personal and referential, and the recipient can cherish forever (if you don’t mess things up!).

Now, there are rules you must follow when making a mix tape.

  1. Lyrics > music. It doesn’t matter how cool the song is, if the lyrics don’t apply in some way, it’s gotta go;
  2. One artist = one song. No exceptions for artists who have released work under two names(ex. Sun Kil Moon and Red House Painters);
  3. Always check transitions to make sure one song smoothly flows into the next;
  4. Pacing is important. Don’t have three really slow songs in a row — make the mix dynamic
  5. Tell a story. Arrange the songs in a way that tells a narrative of your relationship.

As much as I’m a fan of the cassette mix tape, it’s become harder to do that because people don’t really have tape players anymore. So you have two options, both of them digital. You can either make a mix CD with a cool case and liner notes or put the songs on a USB stick.

For that authentic mix tape feel, get the Mix Tape USB Stick:


[$20, SUCK UK]

The 128 mb memory stick comes in a cool “cassette case” and holds up to two hours of music.*

The directions are simple enough:


Honestly, it’s a little overpriced for what’s essentially a $2 USB stick, but it’s still sweet.

If you’re really serious, you can always get a plant to press a mixed LP! It’ll only cost you about a grand. . .

* This would’ve been good to give my girlfriend who just left to volunteer for a few months. Instead I had to make a CD and tell her to have her parents buy the netbook that comes with the external CD-drive. Damn.

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