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Party Files: 20 Years of Cometbus

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This past weekend I stopped by 1-2-3-4 Go! Records for the Aaron Cometbus art opening. I’ve been a fan of all things Cometbus for a fairly long time, but somehow being there — squeezing through the crowds of people, drinking cheap beer, and perusing the art while Shannon and the Clams was cranked on the stereo — added a whole new dimension to my Cometbus experience. It was, in a phrase, a perfect East Bay Friday night.

The show featured dozens of pages of original Cometbus work, and we’re talking fantastic, one-of-a-kind screenprints and photocopier art that has, over the decades, reshaped the aesthetics of punk rock art. The whole thing took me back to my garage-rock-fueled youth in an absolutely perfect way, and it also inspired a truly punk rock-inspired evening: tall cans of cheap beer at the bar down the street, a juke box full of old rock, and a whole lot of drunken conversation about the good old days.

In my opinion, all excellent reasons to pick up an anthology of Cometbus art:

Because really, the good old days are pretty much whenever you want them to be.

[$17, Diesel Books]