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Party Foul to Party Fresh

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You gotta love those nights that end up in an all-out party, in no small part because they vastly increase your chances of putting the moves on someone new. And whether you’re shaking booty at a crowded bar or an impromptu house party, chances are you’ll be exposed to smoke, sweat, and all manner of not-so-sexy scents that might hamper your chances of scoring a sleepover buddy.

Fortunately, with a quick spray of Gone Smoke, you’ll go from freaky to fresh in no time:


[$5, Gone Smoke]

Gone Smoke gets rid of smoke, body odor, and pretty much any other errant party smells, and it comes in a nifty pen-sized spray bottle that fits nicely into a pocket or purse.

Bad party smells — gone; sexy slumber party — definitely on.

[via Daily Candy]