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Patrick and His Classic Crewneck

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patrick for t of a

Nobody wants a beer more than this guy. Meet Patrick, a college English professor I ran into at a coffee shop in Bronzeville. It was the weekend of the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Chicago, where pride for all things Irish flows as freely as a freshly tapped keg of Guinness. The aptly-named Patrick, with his simple (i.e. totally badass) style, was getting a few last minute papers graded before the day’s drinking began. "I give up booze for Lent, except for my Saint’s day," he told me, and then struck the hunkiest come-hither pose that has ever featured just a man and his white Hanes T.

At eleven bucks for a pack of five and easily glammed up with a pair of dark jeans and a button down, the affordable wear-with-anything T-shirt proves more ‘recession-chic’ than ‘gym rat.’ When you can use it to show off your biceps and Zach Galifinakis-style beard, so much the better. Patrick saves his beard from cowardly lion territory with a length-adjustable Trimmer, and sticks to crewnecks over V-necks, which is a good call, since the latter have seen a resurgance in d-bag affiliation over the last few years.
Fortunately for Patrick and his morning coffee-house look, nothing spells confidence like an understated classic. And when you live in a city that gets drunk and dyes its river bright green every year, less is definitely more.