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Perfume Fit for a Queen

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I still remember the moment a high school crush leaned his head on my shoulder, inhaled deeply, and murmured “Mmmm…you smell good.” I was so excited, my heart hurt. Sense of smell counts a lot toward attraction (which is why pheromone sprays are so darn prevalent), so it stands to reason that smelling like royalty would elicit the royal treatment.


[$28, Anthropologie]

The Royal Apothic perfumes are for your home, but I can’t really be blamed for wanting to give myself a spritz. These scents are based upon formulas from an 18th-century apothecary manual, used to create perfumes for ancient European royalty, and there are scents that are meant to evoke Venetian groves, high tea, and Edwardian fireplaces.

Feel free to bow down before my sweet-smelling self.