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Pillow Talk

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This past Valentine’s Day was the annual pillow fight in SF — a fairly fantastic (and totally free) event where hundreds of people show up in downtown SF with pillows in hand and embark on an hours-long, feathers-flying free for all. It’s one of my favorite events, and I can’t say there’s a better — or cheaper — way to kick off V-Day.

When the feathers have settled, there’s an overall sense of sleepy satisfaction that falls over the crowd… it’s unmistakably intimate, and an excellent reminder that a good, old-fashioned pillow fight is the perfect way to get your, um, juices flowing.

But if you missed the SF pillow fight, don’t worry — you can recreate it (much more intimately) at home:

Whether you go Victorian modish, modern floppy, or traditional feather, the results are the same: a pillow fight is an absolutely irresistible way to set the mood.

[$20, Urban Outfitters, $50, CB2, $12, Target]

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