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Poll: Should Nips Be Incognito?

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So which is it guys? If all of us women had the power to run around braless without our breasts sagging, would you consider perky nips a turn-on, or completely inappropriate?

I go sans bra as often as possible. Some tops hide it better than others. But I’m not so sure my nips are something I should be ashamed of.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who feels conflicted, being that there seems to be a market for both nip concealers and enhancers. Her Look sells the cheekily named Low Beams and Top Hats…


[$10, Her Look]


[$30, Her Look]

…while bodyperks sells the nipple enhancers first introduced on Sex and the City.


[$19.95, bodyperks]

Which should I be buying, guys?

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