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Prep School Meets Patchwork

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Digging the prep look that’s in but just can’t give up your "edgy" past? Those nu-metal t-shirts might’ve worked when you were 15 but it’s seriously time to grow up.

Girls like dudes that dress well. Sometimes that means you’ll need to get all dappered up. If ties aren’t your thing, Hugh Simms’ casual take on the necktie may work with your wardrobe:

The LA-based designer takes traditional repp tie styles and throw in patchwork for a look he calls "Ivy League Grit".

Though I think these ties are kind of whack, they may just impress the right type of girl. Y’know, the type that may be okay with the fact that you used to like KoRn. 

[$86, Hugh Simms]

[via The Awesomer]