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Pressed for Perfection

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I have definitely got a case of the Mondays. Weirdly enough, I think I’ve got to blame it on the weekend. It was one of those weekends that was a little too awesome — you know, when those two magical days are so good that they make returning to real life that much harder. Sigh.

So I showed up to the studio this morning completely disheveled, half asleep, and more than a little grumpy; ironically, I rolled in just after one of my studio-mates, who’s the perfect picture of morning person. God, I envy her sometimes. But she did let me in on her little secret to morning success, Mondays or no:

She got this nifty little number at REI, and it’s actually a French press in a to-go cup. Put in the grounds, plunge the press, add hot water, and voila — irresistible morning perfection.

Thank goodness morning person-ness is at least achievable, even if I’m not naturally born into it.

[$28.50, REI]